As an extension of our commitment to the local community, The Milestone Hotel is joining forces with The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation to support two local London charities. The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation has spent the last 9 years working alongside 150 charities, raising over £4 million to aid local people, schools and businesses. Working together, we are hoping to raise money that could potentially make a difference to many people’s lives in and beyond central London.

Meanwhile Gardens

Our first chosen charity, Meanwhile Gardens, established in 2008, has brought and maintained four acres of delightful community gardens in Kensal, West London. The gardens are pretty unique, and much more urban than many of London’s better known public parks. The best-known feature of the gardens is the skate park, which is also one of Europe’s oldest skating facilities and really popular with local children, getting them off the streets and having fun. Also, set within the gardens is a children’s drop-in play hut, which offers a stimulating play and learning environment for primary school children.

Bursting with wildlife, both exotic and native plants, and a small pond and peaceful courtyard make the gardens an oasis of calm. With the community in mind, the gardens were carefully designed to welcome people with all kinds of interests. The locals are encouraged to enjoy the Meanwhile Garden, and have the opportunity to purchase a yearly membership, which costs just £7 for unlimited use. Maintaining the beauty of these unique gardens requires a dedicated team of volunteers. Five volunteers run the gardens, with a further two needed at the children’s play hut.

Working alongside The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, The Milestone Hotel would like to coordinate various volunteer days and fundraising events, that will raise money to keep these gardens running. In our support, we will be contributing to their goal of raising the sum of £200,000, which is needed to restore the skate park and to repair the roof of the drop-in hut.

British Exploring Society

Founded all the way back in 1932, the British Exploring Society has spent over 80 years promoting youth development funding. The charity has continued to create bespoke expeditions to remote locations overseas, with upcoming trips planned in the Himalayas, Norway and Canada. Through their dedication, they have been able to positively transform hundreds of young people’s lives, by encouraging them to build fundamental skills and reach personal goals. Bringing together individuals from all backgrounds, the charity helps those from underprivileged communities. They do this by encouraging the individuals and explorers to work together and recognise their full potential by completing these gruelling expeditions.

As neighbours, The Milestone Hotel are eager to support the charity with various fundraising events. With this support, the British Exploring Society would like to continue sending young people on expeditions every year and are even hoping to increase the number of expeditions from seven to double figures. Not only this, but the funding will help with the intense preparation process that is required before the expeditions head off on their life-changing journey. Working alongside the charity, we will not only be hosting multiple fundraising events but will be supporting the new explorers on their training weekends around the UK by offering hospitality services such as free accommodation and meals.