Stables Bar

Step inside The Milestone’s Stables Bar, named and decorated as a homage to the original use of the building in which it now resides. Filled with an eclectic mix of equestrian collectables, sophisticated soft furnishings, and paintings from Belgian sporting artist Elie Lambert, the Stables Bar provides a refined and comfortable setting. The atmosphere is made even more special with the presence of Angelo, our resident Bar Manager, whose creative mixology skills are sure to make your time at the Stables Bar a true event.

The Stables Bar’s signature Smoking Old Fashioned, thought to be the best in London, provides a whimsical theatricality, perfectly paired with the gentleman’s club ambiance of the bar itself. The polished wood panelling and green leather banquettes of the upper bar provide the perfect backdrop for small group gatherings. Toast to your good fortunes in true Milestone style as you share a selection of the best cocktails in London.

Please note that guests will be seated in an alternate area of the hotel while the Stables Bar undergoes renovation.

The perfect pour

Take a look at the method behind the Milestone's signature drink, The Milestone Smoking Old Fashioned. 

The best Old Fashioned in London

Theatrical signature drinks

Our signature cocktail, The Milestone Smoking Old Fashioned, follows the traditional New Orleans recipe, but we've added something special at the start, and a theatrical twist at the end.

Rather than whisky straight from the bottle, ours has been barrel-aged for 60 days in Canadian maple syrup and vodka. And then there's a final flourish that elevates it from a drink to an experience – your cocktail is presented in a glass dome filled with flavoured smoke, releasing hints of apple and orange when you lift the lid.

The Art of Sabrage

Sabrage is the technique of opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre - a method which became popular in France when the armies of Napoleon celebrated their victories. The blade travels up the neck of the bottle to break it away near the cork, leaving the main body of the bottle open and ready to pour.

Price: £155

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