At The Milestone, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled guest experiences. Our concierge team, led by our esteemed Head Concierge Joe McGinn, whose exceptional service has garnered recognition in the esteemed Society of Golden Keys, is dedicated to ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Drawing from years of experience in hospitality, Joe has meticulously curated a spring itinerary to keep our guests entertained, well-fed, and thoroughly satisfied throughout their time with us.

Day 1: Enchanting Kensington 

The view of Kensington Gardens from The Milestone Hotel & Residences 

Morning: After a hearty breakfast in Cheneston's, take a leisurely stroll through Kensington Palace Gardens, admiring the historic blue plaques and iconic London landmarks such as the V&A and the Royal Albert Hall. Consider joining a private walking tour led by the knowledgeable Blue Badge Guide, Russell Nash, and organised by our concierge team for captivating insights.

Afternoon: After your adventure, rejuvenate at our Spa with soothing treatments and enjoy our resistance pool's therapeutic benefits.

Evening: Conclude your day with a quintessential Afternoon Tea experience in our Park Lounge, enjoying a crackling fireplace and views overlooking Kensington Palace.

Day 2: Tower of London and culinary delights

A busy afternoon at Borough Market 

Morning: Begin with an arranged guided tour of the Tower of London and the crown jewels, delving into the rich history and marvelling at dazzling treasures.

Afternoon: Continue your day with a stroll across Tower Bridge. Stop off and explore the historic HMS Belfast before making your way to Borough Market and indulging in some culinary delights.

Evening: Return to The Milestone and unwind at The Stables Bar with cocktails and light bites from our all-day dining menu.

Day 3: Visit the Houses of Parliament  

A beautiful Afternoon at Westminster Abbey

Morning: Embark on a journey through British government workings, visiting historic sites such as the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Afternoon: Treat your palate to Naples-inspired pizza at 50 Kalò or international comfort food at bbar.

Evening: Relax before a warm dining experience at Ffiona's on Church Street, where you can end your day reminiscing about your adventures.