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We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with PMD Tea, offering a unique walking tour experience for our guests to explore London’s lost tea history. Travel through significant locations linked to the city's pivotal role in the global tea trade, uncovering how an island nation emerged as a prominent figure in the tea industry. This immersive journey not only unveils London's vibrant tea heritage but also provides participants with an engaging and educational experience.

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history of Pmd tea

Established in 1945 amidst the Plantation Raj in Sri Lanka, P.M. David Silva & Sons is a tea company rooted in history and tradition. Founded in the fertile land of the Maskeliya Valley as a small independent tea shop for workers to gather, talk, and relax. The business soon evolved into a specialist tea transporter and plantation supplier. Three generations later, it remains a family-run business dedicated to delivering the finest, ethically sourced teas.

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Tea Plaques and Commemoration

As guests arrive at one of London's three tea plaques, a prominent reminder of the city's lost tea history, they are greeted by symbols that further emphasise London's pivotal role in the global tea trade.

Black Cab Ride and Afternoon Tea

The tour concludes with an iconic black cab transfer to The Milestone Hotel & Residences, followed by a guided Afternoon Tea featuring tea recommendations, pairings, and stories tied to the featured teas and their origins.

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