Our Resident Artist

Learn more about our Resident Artist, Shelley Levy, and the unique artistic services she has to offer guests at The Milestone Hotel.

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About Shelley

ShelleyTheArtist, a self-taught painter and teacher, spent many years in Los Angeles before returning to her birthplace in London. Her preferred studio is the urban landscape where she finds inspiration in people's faces and tells their stories through her art. Drawing from life is her passion, and colour is her language of expression, using various mediums such as watercolours, pencils, markers, acrylics, oils, and oil pastels. Highly disciplined in her drawing practice, Shelley believes that drawing every day is essential. Today, she works as a full-time painter and teacher, always observing and searching for stories to tell. Learn more about Shelley’s fascinating history in our latest interview. 

Bespoke portraits

ShelleyTheArtist offers bespoke personal and family portraits for guests at The Milestone Hotel & Residences, creating a unique and lasting memento of your stay. With her passion for capturing stories and her ability to draw from life, Shelley can create a one-of-a-kind portrait that reflects the individual personality and style of each guest. Her services are ideal for those looking to commemorate a special occasion or celebrate a family holiday. Shelley's services add a personalised touch to the guest experience at The Milestone Hotel & Residences, creating a unique and cherished memory that guests will treasure for years to come.

By appointment only, bespoke portraits from £150.

Workshops and more

ShelleyTheArtist will be hosting painting and drawing workshops at The Milestone Hotel & Residences, offering guests an opportunity to unleash their creativity and learn from a skilled and experienced artist. Guests will have the chance to explore a variety of mediums, including watercolors, pencils, and oils, and learn how to use them to create beautiful and unique works of art. Shelley's workshops are tailored to all levels of experience, from beginners to more advanced artists, making them accessible to all guests. The workshops will provide a fun and immersive experience that fosters creativity and self-expression. Keep an eye on our What’s On page for more details of upcoming events.

Shop prints online

ShelleyTheArtist's captivating scenes of London are now available for purchase online as art prints, providing an opportunity to own a piece of her distinctive style and vision. Her art prints showcase the city's iconic landmarks and bustling streets, with a focus on the people and narratives that make it such a vibrant and diverse place. Whether you are a London native or a visitor who fell in love with the city, Shelley's art prints are a wonderful way to bring a piece of London into your home and add a touch of creativity and vibrancy to any space.