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CleanConscience team with their hands up in the air with Victoira Tollman
Horse Illustration

Our passions

We are deeply committed to protecting our environment and contributing to local causes, including phasing out single-use plastics, saving energy, reducing food waste with Winnow Solutions and supporting local charities such as Clean Conscience and The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.

Looking to the future...

We are continuing our efforts to phase out single-use plastics and reduce our food waste in partnership with Winnow. We also help to support the local community as well as a variety of initiatives, and together with The TreadRight Foundation, we strive to #MakeTravelMatter.

We are proud to work closely with...

  • Recorked UK
  • Royal Trinity Hospice
  • Samaritan's Shoebox
  • Young British Explorers Society
  • The Meanwhile Gardens
  • WWF
  • CRU Kafe
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • The Starlight Foundation
  • Hospitality Action
  • BELU